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Not My Own

For many years the battle raged as I firmly stood my ground
For I was in control and confidence abound
I was certain who I was as I marched through this town
And many times I was asked “Do you renounce?”
But I was in control and simply I said “No”
Then a voice called my name while in the pew that day
Who would have ever thought he’d picked me today?
What Lord? What did you say?
I am not my own?

Posted 460 weeks ago

I’m proud of what my nephew has started with the traveling Bible. I would like to submit a poem in remembrance of him. I know without a doubt that he is waiting for all of us to make it to where he is now.

Eternally Free

I don’t want to listen
I don’t want to hear
I don’t want to know that you are no longer near

Why do you mourn me? 
Why do you cry? 
Why did you think that through Christ I could die?

I don’t want to reason
I don’t want to think
I don’t want to see you go over the brink

What is your sorrow? 
What is your pain? 
Why can’t you see that through Christ ALL is gain?

My heart, it is broken
My tears flow and flow
I love you my child
I can’t let you go

I have not left you
I have not gone
I’m just in his presence
In worship and song

I want to be selfish
I want you to be near
I want to live life without realizing this fear

God is my refuge
Christ is my home
I have not left you
You are not alone

Then what is this sorrow? 
Tell me, how should I feel?
Please help me to see all the things that are real

I see the Word living 
In front of my face
I’m eternally soaking in His lovely Grace

Time has no meaning, Love has no bounds
In Christ the redeemer true life can be found

Ever rejoicing In worship and song
Soon you’ll be with me and it will not be long

Completely surrender Your life and your fears
Completely abandon all you hold dear

Go to the Cross and give Him your worst
Behold the Savior who has taken your curse
This love transformation is the beginning you seek
Come all that are broken
Come all that are weak

To the living waters a
 fountain of red
For all who will enter will never be dead
Thank you my Savior through your eyes I can see
My precious loved one eternally free


Posted 467 weeks ago


God-you have brought me into your blessed land
Yet I can’t seem to tell the people where I’ve been
I know my testimony has much to tell
God-your mercy would be revealed
I fear dear Lord in telling them
Not only would they not believe
But innocently judge me-of me
Your awesome presence straightened my path
And what’s happened before is in the past
I praise your mighty grace
I pray you’ll help me through this place
I’m feeling today that my life is untrue
They see me as timid and unafflicted
Oh God-what would they do if they knew
How much righteousness can a person like me claim
Even standing before them-changed

Posted 472 weeks ago


Love verses anarchy and Jesus is the victory
Of all this you’ve heard before redundant-redundant
On which side will you stand-the time is here at hand
Look around but understand-the choice is yours
On which side will you stand
Search your soul-search your heart- search every part
Do you like what you see-does it drop you to your knees
The time is here at hand redundant-redundant
Please dear people understand-the choice is yours
On which side will you stand
To find that inner peace-accept Jesus please
For he is all you need-to feel your total peace
Take the time to understand-what is this time that’s at hand
It’s time to rise
On which side will you stand
Posted 476 weeks ago