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Flood waters receding as mud engulfs my feet. I’m not sure if it will save me or take me its thick and it reeks. It sloshes and splatters as it hits my skin. It dries, it cracks, it flakes. It hits my face I scream. Not a grave! Not a grave! I take a step and its all the same. Will I sink or will I gain? I see no end in sight no matter the prayers I pray. I look back and my tracks are gone. Muck has wiped them away. Oh my God! I’m stuck! Although my toes are pointing straight and my steps have been purposely placed. I’ve been trudging so long my feet are heavy. I’ve been pleading so long come back and get me! You left me at the creek where this all began. Each step I’ve taken has lead me to dread. I can’t comprehend, that you’re dead. How am I suppose to celebrate you while I’m standing in mire? The stench it gags me. I breathe, I wretch, I’m so DAM tired! You should be turning 29 but all you gave me was 25. I’ve been walking year after year and all I’ve gained is mud, muck and tears. I’m not sure which haunts me more, water impossible to swim or the mud at my feet that holds me in? All I know is here I am. Clinging to your 25 where even your legacy won’t keep you alive. Mud, muck and mire are now mine instead of you turning 29!

CE 2/19

Posted 251 weeks ago

The Traveling Bible

This platform was created to encourage and uplift

It becomes a heavy burden when it just sits

Is it God’s word that people fear

Is it the media attention that draws near

Is it because this idea was not his own

Is it that Dakota is no longer here, He’s called home

The Bible is true and serves its purpose

But this; you will never get if you won’t allow it to surface

Read it, Highlight it, Share it, with a friend

Participate and allow fellowship to begin

Pass a Bible and be an active Disciple

Share your story and give God the glory

But please, don’t let the Traveling Bible just sit

Pass it on and be social with it

Haven’t you heard

It’s a blessing to others when you spread God’s Word

I challenge you then…

To share a Traveling Bible with ALL your friends

CC 4-25-16

Posted 364 weeks ago


I’ve come from a past of no convictions or fears; where evil prevailed and sin was life

My desires were once of mortal love, many sins I’m guilty there of

Once upon a time happiness a substance brought, thoughts and desires were selfishly sought

So at times I wonder; why would I be welcome here? I’ve seen what most people fear

Satan, he was once my friend. He took me places I can no longer defend

He told me things that were easy to believe. He said only the weak drop to their knees

All that satan said I trusted as true; until the day I asked: “Jesus, who are you?”

It was then I was reminded of his crucifixion and before I knew it I felt my first conviction

As I look around from where I sit I see my testimony is the biggest yet

So keep in mind as you sit next to me that satan is now my enemy            

I’m a new Christian and I need your prayers, for satan hasn’t yet felt despair


Posted 378 weeks ago

Genesis Through Revelations

From Genesis to Revelation taking a break after Malachi
A new understanding of destination spread like wildfire through the land
God’s people are no longer held captive yet walk along the sand
For Christ has come to pave the path that for eternity shall stand
New news has come for all to understand
Of how Christ has recorded his past
And now dear people comprehend-Christ is risen
There is a certain power in just speaking his name
Yet more power when your heart is washed clean again
And of this power there is a purpose
Serve in obedience and watch your life surface
When you’re standing at the cross roads
Not knowing which path is right
Prayer is your guide
A New Testament of Matthew through Revelation
Gives this world what it needs in moderation

Posted 390 weeks ago

An Open Heart

How I have longed for this.
Something so peaceful I never realized how much I needed.
A heart that allows me to focus on others before myself.
How far I’ve come to reach this place where I have surrendered to an open heart.
One that allows Him to work through.
One that allows me to love all.
One that wants to serve others.
One who doesn’t know where it’s going only except to Him.
Neither left nor right- Straight to Him.
An open heart that draws closer to Him every second of every minute of every hour of every day.
A heart that feels the deepest of deeps. The depths of the hurts. The frown behind the smile. The brokenness behind the laughter. The pain buried in the heart. The tears that threaten to overflow at any moment.
Keep my heart open to mercy for all this so that You Lord, may use me to love others. That You Lord, may use this open heart to help bring healing to all those You’ve placed in the path You have laid before me.
Thank You O Lord for an open heart.

Sheila Kay

Posted 406 weeks ago

Shine A Little Light On Me

I am here to be forsaken yet also to foresee

What will truly come of my final destiny

So Sir; if you please shine a little light on me

Tell me how I will not perish but live my soul in peace

Guide me to that kingdom no one has yet seen

Your house is so warm and cozy your members so happy and rosy

So Sir; if you please shine a little light on me

I long to hear the whisper in my heart of Christ saying: I’ll mend your broken heart

Hold my hand if you please help me pray guide my heart this very day

And Jesus I pray you’ll bless this very man who shared his light with me

Yet the light I long the most to see is the light of your very soul

Shine through me


Posted 407 weeks ago

Christian Mess

Is it true that Christians cry?
Is it true that Christians feel strife?
Society says worshipping Christ is total bliss.
Yet, then there’s me. I’m still a mess.
Searching for the church where my bible states fellowship exists.
Searching for anyplace that can help me breathe and unclench my fist.
Because I’m a Christian and I cry.
I’m a Christian and I feel strife.
I too an example that Christ exists.
Yet, my walk with Christ is quite a mess.
I don’t undermine your happiness.
Please don’t undermine my sorrow.
I. Am. A. Christian.
Searching for a true relation.
Show me your compassion.
This Earth is fading.
CC 3-29-16

Posted 416 weeks ago

Mothers Day 2009

Today, mothers everywhere
Celebrated their beloved Mother’s Day.
But all I could think about, is that
Today it’s been two years since you went away.

I spent most of my day thinking of you
And all the wonderful times we had.
I laughed, I cried, my emotions went wild.
I wish my memories of you wouldn’t make me so sad.

Some people say “It’s been two long years
She should be over it by now”.
I’m not as strong as they may think.
My heart still aches but I’ll make it somehow.

We brought flowers and balloons
To the beautiful place where we laid you to rest.
We sent messages of love to heaven
To let you know that of you we only think the best!

I love and miss you dearly, Cody.
As I sit here I think of you often and wait
For the day when God calls me home
And I can shower you with hugs and kisses at Heaven’s Gate.
Becky Linke

Posted 423 weeks ago


When my heart is lonely and in need of light
When no one seems to hear my sentiment cry
When life gets numb and colorless
I reach for the Bible because Jesus still exists
Within it is a reminder of grace, mercy, and love
And a heavenly father waiting above

Posted 440 weeks ago

Blackness Fades

In my blackest hour a whisper was sent from above
While in the darkness I realized what true unselfish love was
 For in the blackest hour a purpose for life was revealed
To leave the darkness your heart must first be healed
As I stepped out of the black and into the Grey
I felt so many oppressions slip away
The first time my heart ever sighed with relief
Was the hour I looked towards Heaven and cried with belief
“Dear Jesus” I cried “heal me from my past”
And more than that he sent me a love that forever lasts
As the Grey began to shine with white
I realized the importance of darkness
For it was there I saw the brightest light
And Jesus I thank you for your whispers and your love
For being the light in the darkness I was there of
My testimony is this:
Blackness fades but with purity white remains

Posted 448 weeks ago