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Blackness Fades

In my blackest hour a whisper was sent from above
While in the darkness I realized what true unselfish love was
 For in the blackest hour a purpose for life was revealed
To leave the darkness your heart must first be healed
As I stepped out of the black and into the Grey
I felt so many oppressions slip away
The first time my heart ever sighed with relief
Was the hour I looked towards Heaven and cried with belief
“Dear Jesus” I cried “heal me from my past”
And more than that he sent me a love that forever lasts
As the Grey began to shine with white
I realized the importance of darkness
For it was there I saw the brightest light
And Jesus I thank you for your whispers and your love
For being the light in the darkness I was there of
My testimony is this:
Blackness fades but with purity white remains

Posted 448 weeks ago