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Mothers Day 2009

Today, mothers everywhere
Celebrated their beloved Mother’s Day.
But all I could think about, is that
Today it’s been two years since you went away.

I spent most of my day thinking of you
And all the wonderful times we had.
I laughed, I cried, my emotions went wild.
I wish my memories of you wouldn’t make me so sad.

Some people say “It’s been two long years
She should be over it by now”.
I’m not as strong as they may think.
My heart still aches but I’ll make it somehow.

We brought flowers and balloons
To the beautiful place where we laid you to rest.
We sent messages of love to heaven
To let you know that of you we only think the best!

I love and miss you dearly, Cody.
As I sit here I think of you often and wait
For the day when God calls me home
And I can shower you with hugs and kisses at Heaven’s Gate.
Becky Linke

Posted 423 weeks ago