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An Open Heart

How I have longed for this.
Something so peaceful I never realized how much I needed.
A heart that allows me to focus on others before myself.
How far I’ve come to reach this place where I have surrendered to an open heart.
One that allows Him to work through.
One that allows me to love all.
One that wants to serve others.
One who doesn’t know where it’s going only except to Him.
Neither left nor right- Straight to Him.
An open heart that draws closer to Him every second of every minute of every hour of every day.
A heart that feels the deepest of deeps. The depths of the hurts. The frown behind the smile. The brokenness behind the laughter. The pain buried in the heart. The tears that threaten to overflow at any moment.
Keep my heart open to mercy for all this so that You Lord, may use me to love others. That You Lord, may use this open heart to help bring healing to all those You’ve placed in the path You have laid before me.
Thank You O Lord for an open heart.

Sheila Kay

Posted 405 weeks ago