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I’ve come from a past of no convictions or fears; where evil prevailed and sin was life

My desires were once of mortal love, many sins I’m guilty there of

Once upon a time happiness a substance brought, thoughts and desires were selfishly sought

So at times I wonder; why would I be welcome here? I’ve seen what most people fear

Satan, he was once my friend. He took me places I can no longer defend

He told me things that were easy to believe. He said only the weak drop to their knees

All that satan said I trusted as true; until the day I asked: “Jesus, who are you?”

It was then I was reminded of his crucifixion and before I knew it I felt my first conviction

As I look around from where I sit I see my testimony is the biggest yet

So keep in mind as you sit next to me that satan is now my enemy            

I’m a new Christian and I need your prayers, for satan hasn’t yet felt despair


Posted 390 weeks ago