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The Traveling Bible

This platform was created to encourage and uplift

It becomes a heavy burden when it just sits

Is it God’s word that people fear

Is it the media attention that draws near

Is it because this idea was not his own

Is it that Dakota is no longer here, He’s called home

The Bible is true and serves its purpose

But this; you will never get if you won’t allow it to surface

Read it, Highlight it, Share it, with a friend

Participate and allow fellowship to begin

Pass a Bible and be an active Disciple

Share your story and give God the glory

But please, don’t let the Traveling Bible just sit

Pass it on and be social with it

Haven’t you heard

It’s a blessing to others when you spread God’s Word

I challenge you then…

To share a Traveling Bible with ALL your friends

CC 4-25-16

Posted 364 weeks ago